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Our Mission

To provide affordable, holistic and natural solutions to a wide range of problems such as: pain, stress, aging and more. We are dedicated to finding the root of the problem and to provide education, care and love to all of our clients.
At Quantum Care, we believe that anything is possible if the body is given the right tools.

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Services We Offer

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Hair Regrowth Treatments

These treatments are designed to regenerate the follicle by nourishing the scalp. We use proven techniques like mirco-needling and light therapy with a combination of a supplements and home care for best and fastest results. The picture above is a client's natural regrowth after 3 weeks and then following another 3 weeks!

Package of 5 Sessions: $350

Skin Rejuvenation Package

Watch your skin completely change in 90 days with our brand new, skin rejuvenation package! With proven methods, the package will reduce signs of aging such fine lines and discolouration as well as reduce acne and and restore youth in the skin. This package comes fully equipped with three spectrum light and hyaluronic acid micro-needling sessions along with a complete home care kit. The home care kit includes a bottle of our patented formula, hyaluronic acid blend ($137 value) and a micro-needle roller. Visit one of our locations to day and revolutionize your skin. 

1 Micro-Needling and Laser Light Facial $100

Skin Rejuvenation Package (3 Treatments and home care Kit) $350


Bio-Feedback Scan

Is a non-invasive test for over 37 organs and systems in the body that can detect illness, deficiency, imbalances and so much more! This tests include a full review of your results from a certified bio-feedback technician, as well as a natural treatment plan to correct and improve your health. These scans can help with pain, stress relief and overall improved health. 

1 Scan: $250

2 Scans: $400

Bemer PEMF Therapy


The Bemer is a multi-faceted healing device that is 100% tailored to your needs and physical goals. The sessions can be directed towards pain relief from muscle tension, arthritis, injury, wounds and other illnesses. The Bemer, one of the only approved PEMF devices in Canada, can also be geared towards physical enhancement for athletes and fitness professionals or can be used for full body revitalization for anyone looking to increase their energy, mental focus, physical fitness and overall health.

1 Session: $70

5 Session Package: $300

Infrared Sauna Detox

Our infrared sauna detox, in combination with our specialized lymphatic massage, not only relaxes the body and mind but also assists with the body's natural detoxing process. This treatment was designed to be 30 minutes of absolute tranquility for you, with the combination of aromatherapy to reduce stress, all while your body goes into it's natural healing state where detoxing and pain relief can be felt. Curious? Call one of our locations today and try this therapeutic, infrared detox. 

One Session: $85

Package of 5: $350


Gold Facial

Our gold facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, glowing colloidal gold mask, gold tonic and hyaluronics acid serum along with LED light therapy! Proven to brighten and even skin tone as well as restore moisture to dry, damaged skin.

One Session $89

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Services We Offer

Remote Healing

Remote healing is where we can send you healing frequencies to help with pain & stress management while you are anywhere in the world. Like a cell phone, our bodies contain a quantum 'phone number' which can be used to locate someone who wants to be found. Through that we can provide treatments with the same amount of effectiveness regardless of  your location. Curious? Have questions? Then please get in touch!

*Please note that all appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours before your appointment time to be considered refundable. Any cancellations within a 24 hour period will be charged at normal price or deposit will not be refunded depending how your location manages payment. Please speak to the owner of the location you will be seeing for more details on appointment booking and refund policy. 
14 Day exchange or refund for any unopened products. 

"The greatest wealth is health"


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Andrea Bilinski - Owner

Private Residence & Mobile Service

Harmony/Rossland - Oshawa, ON


Jackie Bennett - Owner

Private Residence and Mobile Services

Kingston, ON


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