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Founder of Quantum Care Clinics

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Hailee Young

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner 

Hailee Young BHS, HHP is a holistic healthcare practitioner who is passionate about healing the world through integrative and holistic treatments. Hailee is currently a certified biofeedback technician, certified in orthomolecular nutrition, a certified hypnotist, as well as a certified yoga teacher under the Canadian yoga alliance. She has also completed her training in the ancient techniques of qigong for pain & stress relief. Hailee has now finished her degree in holistic health sciences and is on track to complete her PhD in early 2020. As of 2018, Hailee is also a published author with 20 other doctors and wellness specialist in a book called The Handbook to Holistic Health; forwarded by Les Brown. She is now working on two other books that will be released in 2019. Hailee believes health is a human right and should be safe, effective and affordable.

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Hailee's Current Practice

Hailee Young HHP, BhS, MNM, currently is working on her PhD and focusing on supporting her clinic owners in helping them enhance their healing practice. She is constantly researching to find the best natural therapy's and treatments for them to provide to their clientele. 

She also works out of her home two days a week doing an advanced form of Bio-Feedback therapy and energy healing. Her goal is to help align the body, mind and soul to create a deep level of healing and help others connect with their true self and their life's purpose. 

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