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Jackie Bennett

Owner, Kingston, ON

Jackie Bennett, owner of the Quantum Care Clinic located in Kingston, is certified in biofeedback and quantum therapies as well as a certified cannabis educator.  As a registered practical nurse, Jackie has extensive experience in the health care industry including geriatrics, psychiatry, paediatrics, and emergency health care. 

To combat and prevent her own health issues Jackie has embraced complimentary health care and has seen first hand what the body is able to do when it is given the right tools. Through her education and experience, Jackie knows that she can help others by using advanced technology and supplements to help the body heal itself. She is extremely passionate about making a difference in the world one client at a time. 

Location Details

Jackie Bennett - Owner

Certified Biofeedback Therapist, Registered Practical  Nurse, Certified Quantum Professional and Certified Cannabis Educator.

Private Residence and Mobile Services

Kingston, ON


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