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The Palindrome Energy Shift!

The only time this will happen until 101 years from now on 03.03.3030.

The significance of this is the amplification of the amount of change we have already seen and experienced since the beginning of 2020. This numerological palindrome helps further stimulate positive change and spiritual growth and reminds us to set our intentions for what we we would like to get out of this year. Following 02.02.2020 people who are working towards growing spiritually are generally feeling more calm and centred. Things that would normally throw them off their centre, they are handling with grace and understanding. We are all finding it easier to notice the silver linings in some of the perceived negative experiences.

Those who continue to do things that do not serve them and do not make living their

purpose a daily practice may notice feelings of unsettlement and frustration. This is the universes way of letting you know you are not on your sacred path.

This weeks meditation:

I am powerful with every action I take, every word I speak, and every thought I think.

I live out my purpose everyday and I know that world is better because of it.

I honour my truth and I honour the truth of those around me.

I understand that we are all on different journeys and paths and no one path is more important than another.

I understand we are all connected, and through living a life that gives me purpose and makes me feel fulfilled I am making a positive vibration that heals the world.

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